On Grid System

Grid Tied (On Grid) System

This type of system works parallel to the grid system and reduces your consumption of electricity from the grid. This system is a beneficial solution when the grid downtime is less during the day time.

Advantages of Grid Tied system

  • Reduces the electricity expenses to a large extent (depends on the usage pattern of customer)
  • Reduces the cost of the system as batteries are not a part of this system.
  • Grid can be used a virtual battery bank. Beneficial when Net Metering is in place.
  • No Maintenance is required other cleaning of panels regularly.
  • Investment is recovered in approximately 5 yr time (Payback period may vary for different locations)
  • Environment friendly system.

Disadvantages of Grid Tied system

This system works only when the intelligent Inverter of the system get a reference current from the grid or the DG set.